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NZXT Unveiled a new way to Build PCs

Post has published by Korey

American computer hardware manufacturer NZXT has unveiled a new and fun way to build a gaming PC.

What they’re doing is bundling all of the necessary components required to build a computer. This is to pretty much skip the need to find and buy parts individually. They’re calling this BLD Kits. After the customer receives their BLD Kit and opens the box, they get the parts as well as a crystal clear booklet that explains the step-by-step process on how to assemble and build the PC. They’ve even gone above and beyond to add QR codes to YouTube videos which explain in-depth just how to achieve a successful and clean build where anyone can do it.

Source: NZXT

They are currently only offering two different kits, the Starter Pro & the Streaming Plus. You could purchase these two builds as pre-builts on their site, but you’d save a couple hundred bucks going the Streaming Plus BLD Kit route. The difference between the two kits are the Motherboard and the CPUs, Central Processing Units.

Starter = Intel Core i5 11400F CPU + ASRock B560 Motherboard

Streaming Plus = AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU + MSI B550 Motherboard + liquid cooler (already assembled)

Sure, you could just buy a pre-build where the computer ships assembled and is plug-and-play ready when you get it, or you could just buy each item individually for absolute full customization control of your computer; however, you don’t really learn much when you buy pre-built and a lot of individual computer parts go out of stock easily or fluctuate in price, it can be a real headache trying to acquire all the needed parts. I mean heck, it’s still difficult to obtain an RTX 30-series GPU! With the BLD Kit, you will have no issues with each part’s compatibility with one another & there’s no need to hunt for additional parts. The BLD Kits even include the hard to find 30-series GPUs too!

Going the BLD kit route is great for a beginner, someone not confident in upgrading their pre-built, and/or someone that wants to learn more about internal computers. And what’s really convenient is the warranty NZXT offers with their BLD Kits. You will receive a full two year warranty on all computer parts. Not bad for those that are scared of breaking their new computer.

Source: NZXT
Source: NZXT
What do you think of NZXT’s idea? Let us know in the comment section below.

Growing up, Korey G. Miracle had been fascinated with different storytelling mediums. Since he was born in 1996, he grew with the digital age and had very early exposure to both video gaming & the change to digital film. Later, Mr. Miracle, graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Film & a Master of Science in Entertainment Business. Today, he is the President of Miracle Gaming. In his free time, he’s an avid PC, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch gamer while maintaining a Twitch streaming career.

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Top Five 2021 Released Horror Games

Post has published by Korey

Whether it’s that time of year or you’re just in a mood to get scared, horror games can always provide that level of adrenaline you can’t get elsewhere. The whole point of horror games are to get the player fearing for their life without the consequences of dying in real life. They can also unfold some of the best storylines that have ever been told. Each and every year, we see new hit horror games leading up to Halloween, so here’s our top five 2021 released picks just in time!

Endure and survive.

Lunch lady is chasing down students.

5. Lunch Lady


Lunch Lady is a 1-4 player online co-op survival horror game. You’re a student at a school where the final exams are soon to take place. You and your friends had a good idea to steal the test answer sheets after hours. There are only 10 pages; however, the Lunch Lady is still on school grounds…

In ‘Lunch Lady’ you will roam around the dark hallways of your school in the hopes of finding the answers for your upcoming finals. You will get chased through the whole school by an evil and possessed Lunch Lady. You have to collect all 10 pages and get the hell out of there as fast as possible.
Each game will be different. The Lunch Lady will look for you in different locations and every collectable item will be hidden somewhere else.
As the game progresses the unpredictable old Lady will get faster and stronger.

In order to unlock other areas throughout the school, you have to find keys to unlock doors. Players have the ability to revive teammates by finding med kits and applying them to the downed mate.

The game seems to pay homage to games like Slenderman. If you like games like Slenderman, this is a game for you and your friends!!

We highly recommend playing this game with friends. For our review, we give this game an 7/10.


  1. Did it’s job and certainly scared the crap out of us, even when we were on co-op. I can only imagine going at it on singleplayer…
  2. Each time someone picks up a page, the Lunch Lady gains advantages to find the players
  3. The sound design and music are well done
  4. The art design and lighting are well done
  5. Pretty good graphics
  6. Doesn’t require a high-end PC to play
  7. It’s only $5


  1. Can get pretty grindy at 9/10 pages as the last page will not spawn until you’re at 9/10 pages. This means the page can spawn in a place where players have already gone through earlier in the game
  2. Can take a lot of playthroughs to unlock all the character skins
  3. As of October 20th, 2021, there are only 4 maps
Subnautica: Below Zero

4. Subnautica: Below Zero

PC, MacOS, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch

This is a sequel to the first hit underwater game Subnautica (2014). If you haven’t played that game, we highly recommend checking it out. There’s been some debate that these games are not horror games because the developers decided not to market it as such; however, we’re adding this to our list because, for us, this is one of the most terrifying underwater games we have ever played. Thalyssophobia is a phobia that involves a persistent and intense fear of deep bodies of water such as the ocean or sea. If you have this fear and want to challenge it, this game as well as the first game are both for you!

This game takes place two years after the first game and does take place on the same planet as the first game, 4546B. It’s played from the first person perspective of xenologist, Robin Ayou, whom secretly flies, or crashes, her way onto the aquatic planet. Her motive is to find out what really happened to her sister, Samantha, after she was told by Alterra, the company these two characters work for, that Samantha had died on 4546B.

If you want to play an open water game that has underwater aquatic aliens, this is the game for you!

For review, we give this game a solid 8/10.


  1. They added discoverable land areas unlike the first game
  2. Tons of fun exploring different areas
  3. The sound design is impressive
  4. New vehicles, new gadgets, & new building mechanics
  5. A different style compared to the first game
  6. More aliens/creatures to come across
  7. Pretty solid voice acting
  8. Great graphics


  1. Not as good as the original, but it still holds ground
  2. The story gets to a point where it’s hand-fed to you rather than you exploring and uncovering it like the first game
Them and Us

3. Them and Us


This game is a zombie game that pays homage to the old Resident Evil games, specifically pointing at Resident Evil (1996). It’s a survival horror game that can be played in fixed, over the shoulder, or, with a DLC purchase, first person.

This game takes place in the year 1978 with a young female protagonist named Alicia. At the beginning of the game, we learn Alicia is an inmate in a bus that crashes along a road where numerous other cars have mysteriously been abandoned. Walking down the road between these abandoned cars, Alicia knocks unconscious and stumbles to the ground, laying hopelessly. She then mysteriously wakes up in a blood soaked bed with no one around, she is seriously injured. She must explore in order to figure out what is going on.

If you like the old school Resident Evil games or even the remastered Resident Evil 2 (2019) & Resident Evil 3 (2020) games, this game is certainly for you!

For review, we give this game a 8/10.


  1. Similar to the old RE games
  2. Discarding items from your inventory will drop onto the floor instead of destroying them, unlike past RE games
  3. On point atmosphere
  4. Multiple different endings
  5. Sound design is well done
  6. The music adds to the ambience of the game
  7. Well made minor details like realistic damage & dismemberment
  8. The game doesn’t really hold your hand, you have to figure things out for yourself


  1. Can be difficult in the fixed camera POV to shoot at enemies as we’ve noticed there isn’t an aim assist
  2. We think the First Person DLC should actually be obtainable by first completing the game on the hardest difficulty (like other RE games), especially at its $40 price point. That way players are more inclined to play-through the game again before “shelfing it” for eternity

2. Devour


This game is another 1-4 player online co-op survival horror game that takes place in first person. You and your friends are cult members that have to stop possessed cultists from taking you with them to Hell.

In the Farmhouse map, players will start outside in the middle of the night where house has a torch that also has a UV mode. Heading into the garden, you discover a strange looking altar and can find your way into the basement of the house. While looking around, you will find the antagonist’s diary entries which gives context to what’s going on.

The players need to explore spooky rooms and creepy hallways for to find items like keys for locked doors throughout the house. Along the way there could also be other items like first aid for healing purposes. It’s worth noting that since you’re wearing a robe, you can only hold one item at a time, so just remember where items are. Your goal is to pretty much put 10 goats into a sacrifice, which, in and of itself is pretty creepy.

This game does have some Phasmophobia vibes to it, so if you like Phasmophobia, this is a game for you and your friends!

We highly suggest playing this game with friends. For our review, we give this game a 9/10.


  1. Good graphics
  2. Great gameplay
  3. Great audio
  4. Great atmosphere
  5. Certainly spooky maps & characters
  6. Can run on low end PCs
  7. Can take about an hour per game session to complete
  8. It’s only $5, honestly can’t believe this for how often the devs have been updating this game!
  9. Devs keep putting out updates


  1. Encountered some minor bugs
Resident Evil Village

1. Resident Evil Village

PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

The Resident Evil series has been an absolute favorite for many fans alike and over the years, they just get better and better!

Resident Evil Village is a single player survival horror game. It’s set a few years after Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. This new storyline begins with Ethan Winter and his wife Mia living in a new location away from any evil, and well, the Baker family. While they think they’re perfectly safe from here on out, they’re actually not.

Like RE7, we’re experiencing this story in first person to get up close and personal with any foes we come across.

Speaking of foes, we’re actually experiencing a lot of new foes that were never mentioned in previous Resident Evil games. At this point, you’re probably wondering if we’d see any familiar faces. Yes, we will certainly be seeing familiar faces…

For review, we give this game a solid 10/10.


  1. Absolutely beautiful graphics
  2. Great gameplay
  3. Well written storyline
  4. Average length for a game
  5. Certainly replay able
  6. Just about no bugs
  7. Mix between RE7 & RE4, so if you disliked either of them, this game isn’t for you
  8. Going for 100% completion, you don’t really encounter burnout
  9. Boss fights are craaaaazy, in a good way
  10. Left wanting more


  1. None that we can think of
What do you think of our top 5 horror game selection for 2021? Let us know in the comment section below.

Growing up, Korey G. Miracle had been fascinated with different storytelling mediums. Since he was born in 1996, he grew with the digital age and had very early exposure to both video gaming & the change to digital film. Later, Mr. Miracle, graduated college with a Bachelor of Science in Film & a Master of Science in Entertainment Business. Today, he is the President of Miracle Gaming. In his free time, he’s an avid PC, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch gamer while maintaining a Twitch streaming career.

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